Backup 'vengers RP Group

This is the organizer page for the affectionately-named "Backup 'vengers" group, called such because the characters originally used were Cap's Kooky Quartet kind of characters, not really first-string Avengers.
This is an (AU-)616 'verse RP. As such, characters are comic-canon. Please visit the history and rules pages for more information.

She-Hulk || Taken
Jennifer Susan “Jen” Walters || FC: Angie Harmon
Avenger || Former Fantastic Four || Attorney

Powers: As the result of a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer gained the ability to turn into a version of the Hulk. As the She-Hulk, she is much larger than in her normal form and gains superhuman speed and agility. Her strength increases in proportion to her normal form, meaning that the more she trains as Jennifer, the stronger she is as the She-Hulk. She can leap great distances or heights. She is highly resistant to injury and can easily heal those she does receive. She is an expert at hand-to-hand, even in the form of Jennifer Walters. She is incredibly intelligent and an expert attorney. The She-Hulk and Jennifer are slightly separate entities and can sometimes disagree.

History: The daughter of a Sheriff, Jennifer was seriously wounded in a shooting by a local crime boss. Her cousin Bruce Banner happened to be in town, and as there were no other donors with her blood type, gave her a blood transfusion. His radioactive blood mutated her as well. Initially savage while in the She-Hulk form, she quickly gained back her intelligence and came to appreciate the form, feeling more comfortable in it and spending more and more time as the She-Hulk. She joined the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four briefly. As Jennifer she continued to practice law, specializing in superhumans. Currently she works with the Avengers when not in the court room.

*History and Face Claim can be changed to suit RPer’s headcanons*

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